The Glory Of Rome – Shame, Shame, Shame

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know alright? Should have made this post about two seasons ago but you know what? I ain´t your puppet, I write when I feel like and if it Effes up the storyline, BuuFrigginHuu. So, now that we have cried together and got that out of our system and I´ve got that grim looking, bell swinging devil´s bride of my back, we can get down to the business and talk some video game football. 

Some of you might actually remember that the last time I published my feverish scribblings here, I was well under way with the second season managing AS Roma and coping with various issues presented to me merely of me being a twat. Aside from being a terrible human being, I win. And winning is the kryptonite against the high horse riding nannies that resent cool dudes that might have a bit eccentric demeanour sometimes and only sometimes. To keep myself raiding the darkest corners of the eternal city, I sure as hell needed to keep my winning ways intact. So briefly about the second season, we won so much that they had white smoke coming from the chimney for the new election for Pope. 

2017/2018 – in our memories

Supercoppa di Lega TIM, Second Scudetto in a row, TIM Cup and Uefa Champions Cup found their way in our cabinets. Juventus was a no-contest in the spring and we strolled to touch the wall at the end. I managed to fend off the beasts and only lost Florenzi to Benfica(Nobody couldn´t figure out why he went there by the way) and I didn´t need him anyway so good riddance man!




Brough some talent in with

Karol Linetty from Sampdoria to cover for the time when somebody pulls trigger on Strootman

Pione Sisto from Vigo, thought of him as a wild card option for a couple of spots but ended up selling him the next summer to Bremen for profit.

Ángel Correa came from Atletico to cover few spots but he proved out to be quite prone to injuries later on.

Yeah, keep jumping up and down you mafia looking little man.

It was a pretty special season for our team all things considered.

2018/2019 – The end of days

Something was in the air in the summer of WC football and it was not love boys and girls not at all. It was a full blown Sharknado on my players from different organizations over Europe soothing them with their TV greased fingers. Facing the time of uncertainty, I went shopping. That´s what girls and girly men do. Shop till they drop and can take it no more. Most of my purchases were a look into the inevitable future where I will be losing my key players to other teams or face UEFA sanctions trying to keep them by overpaying them heavily. So replacements beforehand if you will.

Gianluigi Donnarumma FA – I see this happening second time in a row. AI Milan can´t seem to be doing anything within the reason two FM games a row. FFS!

Younes Belhanda – Another freebie from Moscow. Purely a sell him later player and that is what he has been with us. Has actually played surprisingly well.

Zeca – got rid off all my LB´s and bought this fellow and promoted Pellegrini to be his understudy. Pellegrini has grown in minutes over the season btw.

Yes, De Rossi retired and is now living his dream as a shit coach for our U18 team. Go Dan!

Grzegorz Krychowiak – a wet dream for people loving hard spelling he also took De Rossi´s spot in the team gradually evolving to a BPD later on.

Rodrigo Caio – I was confident that I will lose Manolas at some point. This fellow was on sale on PSG reserves, 5 million. This is what you get with it.

Money well spent.
Some tactical stuff here….

I had quite efficiently already got rid of my wingers last season and they were totally gone at the start of this, therefore I was relying on the last season´s tactical learnings when  I came out from the cupboard with a couple of options for a base to work with in the ever so gritty Serie A. Relying on the same TI´s, PI´s and high fives on both of my option I just fiddled with duties and roles to have a two base program for the start of season to see which one would take off more easily. I also had my stuff from previous season intact.

















Pretty early on I found that 1.0 was the way to go and started working with it considering teams I was facing. I had some card issues early in the season but got that under control by ordering my guys to stand on the feet. So I was finally having some continuity with my team.

 The Legends Of The Fall


We actually lost our first game pretty early on in the UCL but managed to pick up the pace from there. Inter had managed to make themselves somewhat a boogie man for our team but they weren´t that hot in the league in other terms so I was not that worried about it. Still had the top spot at the end of the year. We welcomed a Club WC trophy to out cabinet with a 2-1 win over SEP in the final. While it´s a nice little tournament it chews up some time that could be used on more pressing matters at hand. After the last game of the fall season, I was a bit tired. I had already considered moving away from Rome for the most part of spring but with no valid options, I had opted to stay for one more go. So with some tiredness, I was ready to face one more push for the glory with a team that would see its shape to form at the end of winter transfer window.

Luckily I was able to visit Finland during the new year and had some much needed R&R.

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