The Glory Of Rome – Time for hangover?

Well, that is what you would usually expect after a season like we had. But honestly, it was just Juventus tripping over on fly-shit size teams more than anything else. Actually, I can´t remember them having so much trouble over Serie A so I´d say that things are developing towards interesting things for other teams. But it was not just Juventus. The few big teams that Italy has also failed to put a challenge for the crown. I did lose my both games to Internazionale but other than that we manhandled other big teams pretty badly for the most part. You start thinking that with Totti leaving it was better for the team but you can´t go that way can you. I still see guys crying like sissy girls holding a portrait of him and making gaggily weird sounds with their mouths. You know sound like if someone was…ah nevermind. Let´s get to the point.

Summer is Crazy

You would think that we go ballistic after a season like that and we boost the line up to the max but those grey-haired goatherders took most of the money to pay for the “clubhouse” that was bought. A clubhouse where no team member will ever lay their foot on. Mark my words. So no money for the team building.

My summer was the usual. Had some tense moments in the annual Surströmming och naken festival in Sweden of which I like to point out that the use of military was totally uncalled for and also took part to the disabled children charity match where I exchanged pleasantries with Mr Di Canio yet again. So having had a relaxing and eventful summer I was ready to go at again with my team of well-groomed fashion monkeys.

It was really lazy summer on team building front. Bruno Peres and Juan Jesus got the loans moves turned into permanent transfers. Also, my loanee from Empoli Mário Rui went back only to be sold to Juventus. I was not going to hold onto him after performances I got from Emerson Palmieri on the left back position. Obviously, I couldn´t go with one left back so I brought in Cristiano Biraghi from Pescara to challenge for the spot. That was it. Had no money and willingness to sell if not forced on. The only guy I let go was Héctor Moreno who was a no show for me and for some reason Leicester wanted him so off he went. Other than that we had some people having their contracts expired and not renewed. In retrospect I might have been a bit sarcastic on the title here but who cares.

Do it like in music business

Plagiarism is the truest form of appreciation and with the pre-season training phase on the way, I was going to show it for those geeks playing without frontmen.  I have to point out that no one should be worried here, I merely loaned some conceptual things and ideas. I didn´t go dark in any way, at least I led myself to believe so. While last season I played a lot more conservatively and traditionally, I really wanted to go a different way this season. So, I took a trip to Casal El Marmo, the Racing Roma ground where a proper conjuring was taking place. Rumour was that there was this already seasoned manager who had just gotten there and was doing the dirty with his unconventional and godless use of strikerless tactics. It was safe to say that my stomach turned multiple times and my spirit was ready to leave this place until the session was over. I gathered my notes and withdrew to my lair to see if there was anything in this magic that I could use.

I think there was. And the RomaPack was born. Using the base concept of seven players fielding the back and middle lines and then using the three forward pushed players in multiple forms accordingly I think I had something in place. While some of the TIs and PIs gave me the creeps I left them on since they were so out of my reach that I didn´t bother to study them. I was going to play a whole different game when the season would start. The know issues with this would be the lack of CDs and their eventual fatigue during the course of the season. Knowing that I had some solid tactics to fall on I decided that I give it a go.

Here, two of the formations used at the course of the fall season:

I can say that the frontline roles and duties switched multiple times during the fall campaign since I had difficulties with the striker role in a tactic that was built from the ground up to be strikerless. The one striker edition seemed to do the trick a bit better than the two striker version. In all I had a good success with these until the AI started to catch up on me.

I suffered a single defeat at the hands of Atletico Madrid on the whole of the fall season. They fielded a 442 that I just didn´t get my head around that time and one bad decision followed a string of bad ones resulting in a very ugly loss. I was quite fuming to myself after that. Luckily I managed to get back to the form right after it and finish the fall season with on a good note. Almost every game with only a few goals scored was me facing the ever present 4123 which seems to be the hot shit they like to eat here in Italy. You know this one. The classic I would say.

With the fall season done and us fielding the top spot with a fairly good deficit on Juventus, It was time to concentrate on the free signings and to the January transfer window which usually spells madness. The January madness and the spring season I will cover on the next instalment of The Glory Of Rome. I´ll see you then.







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