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I am pretty sure that most of us have at least toyed with the idea of having a self-sustaining club enjoying the luxury of quality prospects filling the blank spots. Some of us have even actually done that in-game and enjoyed the benefits of their nurturing and patience on young and budding stars. Perhaps through that nurturing, some of us have lifted their clubs to whole new heights in their respective nations in terms of prestige, success and fame. Being able to reach this point you really need to understand the concept of youth development in Football Manager series. It requires quite a lot of effort and action to set in motion properly and takes several seasons to bear fruit eventually. So after all that hard work and planning, you will be able to justifiably reap the rewards and enjoy the talent you have groomed yourself with your staff. It is truly one of the most exceptional feelings you can achieve while playing video games.

With this series, however, we are exploring a different kind of feeling. The rewarding feeling of cashing in with the golden eggs we have so carefully nested in our system only to eventually sell them to the highest bidder. This series is all about the sinister art of making money with the resources given to us. Using every trick in the book and ace up our sleeves, our only goal is to make as much money as it is possible in the game of Football Manager. No player is sacred, no player is safe. If it suits us, everyone has a price. Every purchase and acquirement are an investment towards the future pay day. The twist, however, is that I still plan on to have success with my team on the pitch. Very much so. Every sale and purchase will be very thoroughly executed and handled. I won´t sell anyone just because they are unhappy. The price needs to match my values. My soul is black and my greed is eternal.

So obviously this needs some solid grounding to even get started and I had a couple of clubs in mind to get me started. Eventually, I chose Benfica from Portugal. I could have gone and picked one of the more prestigious and bigger clubs but they didn´t suit my needs in other terms. I want them to throw their money towards me and being in a bit smaller club it is easier to get them to buy players from me. Benfica is a perfect setup for me. The notable mention goes to Anderlecht but I just didn´t like it.

If we look at Benfica more closely we see that they have: Top Youth facilities, Excellent junior coaching and extensive recruitment. I only need to evaluate my staff and start working towards higher standards in the future. The club is actually already bursting with juicy future fees towards me and I can´t wait to cash in on them.

For start, my plan is to play until the mid-season transfer window and see if there is already some lucrative activity towards me. From there I shall start posting my updates and also cover the first part of the season I am playing at the moment. As with my previous series The Finnish Legend, I will be mixing youtube in some way to this save. Haven´t decided the final formula yet.

All in all, I also hope that this series brings the youth development into the broader light and maybe helps people out while setting up and handling their own youth setups. I try to be as much detail as I can describing every action taken considering of grooming my golden eggs.


As for the database, I am using Claassen and every league in Europe and the American continent is included to have a maximum playground for player scouting.

As for all the usual gimmicks, I am using ATR masking and using REAL scouting(meaning my scouts will do the scouting for me). I am not going to go real with my staff this time since the whole point is the making money part on this save. In other cases I highly recommend it, makes the game very interesting sometimes.

The whole idea of this series came from a discussion with my friend @MerryGuido and his excellent La Masia series on his website, something you should definitely check out! The purpose of this save is to emulate a kind of “Dark Masia” only benefitting financially from the products of their youth system. Hopefully, we got a good run on this one and see some epic money spills on our path to riches!!



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