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The Brave That Took The Field

First of all, it´s not actually that hard to come up with the starting eleven in Finnish 3rd tier league since it is pretty much the same who you put in there after all…. well not quite but close enough. So, as noticed, one of the reasons I play a ton of friendlies is that I want to find out my starting eleven for the start of the season. I usually pick it up through squad view at start but the ruthless game play action will eventually be the decider and looking at the stats also will help in the end. That is at least how I think it works out….?? I just swiftly go over the number uno choice and the option if there is one for that position. So let us jump straight to it.

My Goalkeeping choice was not a tough one.  Joonas Partanen is the clear cut at this moment with Jonne Uronen serving as backup and Sami Juvonen firmly being the future pick.

Central defenders didn´t also present any challenge to be perfectly honest. Joonas Ojantie and Reetu Räsänen are both my top players and play as much as they possibly can. Pasi Ryynänen is the up and coming back up but I am kinda looking into the market at the moment for more options.

Full Backs are a funny story actually. Originally it was quite clear to go out with Jussi Kolari and Jani Mahanen,  who both respectively are more seasoned options for the position. But as in true FM fashion they both injured at the end of pre season for around 7 weeks each. So Ilkka Ilvonen and Matias Lampi got the nod for the job. And what job they did!! Ilvonen posting 7.20 avg in 10+ games and scoring In Hagi like fashion in one of the games. Watch it here Lampi posted decent 6.77 avg in the games he played after surrendering his spot to the initial choice Kolari. At this very moment, one of the team key players(supposedly) Mahanen is dropped to rotational option for the future star. Gotta love the FM!

In the heart, also know as the Center Midfield we got a lovely bit of buzz going on. There is even a bit of competition for the initial three spots. Mostly I have been fielding Erno Nissiläwho has the knack of becoming a star , Niko Lehijoki and Santeri Saarenkunnas. Peetu Pöyhönen gets a lot of rotation time switching with all three but still remaining 2nd tier for the moment.

I am a winger guy mostly so my 4-3-3 has Wingers. On the right I have Joonas Väisänen one of the better players on my team and on the left a young stud Jere Tuovinen. Both of these guys are complimented with Niklas Kivinen and Eetu Inkeroinen who both can be subbed in to replace starters on both sides.

Ooh the strikers, the strikers. A bit of dilemma here actually. Juuso Pöyhönen was supposed to start on DLF and looked to be clear cut before Ali Al Musawi. Again, he stepped on a frakin nail or something and got sidelined for forever only recently coming back to the fold. This forced me to dip into the FA market and get myself a TM(everybody needs a TM sometimes) in the form of Rami “Raato” Ahonen. For now it is a subtle race between Pöyhönen and Musawi with Ahonen lurking behind the two.

I was actually acknowledged as one of the less rotating managers in the league(new feat for me) but the squad size and the quality pretty much forces me to go these guys mentioned above. Btw, oldest guy in my team is aged 26, so that hasn´t changed.

The Big Spending


You can hardly talk about spending since your transfer budget is 0K and wage around 900£. But when you got to go, you got to go. The only guys I got to reinforce the team were amateur signings from the FA market. Jussi Kolari was a must have to have any decent left back and on the plus side he is from Kuopio. Niklas Kivinen was brought in to bring depth to winger position. Rami Ahonen who can play AF along with his natural TM position, was brought in for special purposes and has filled that role perfectly. Special purposes mean -> switching to 2 strikers in midst of the match to boost the offence to get the result as seen here and here. On both occasions he was subbed in alongside Al Musawi to have more power up front with formation switching to highly attacking 4-4-2 looking like this.

 So how has the season been faring so far…




Sir, there seems to be something broken here.

Since we luckily got eliminated from all the cups we participated, Suomen Cup and Regions´Cup respectively. We have been able to concentrate all our efforts to the Kakkonen only. Here comes the tricky part. I am not entirely sure if the game actually works properly. My reasoning behind it is the fact the we are still leading the league after 14 matches played and the cap is 4 points. Either it is the fact that the league is super tight in quality(remember we were deemed to relegate) of teams or the finnish lower leagues are broken or I might actually know what I am doing.  Even though I want to lean towards the latter, I still have my suspicions over the matter. I am not going to bother you with details of every single game but I shall pick up some high points for you to enjoy.

For the sad part, I managed to lose both to MP and Käpa with 0-2 scoreline away, these being the teams battling hard with the league win with me. Both games were real sitters on out behalf and I was furious after both occasions.

So results after we last had this meeting were as follows..

The Käpa loss was particularly agonizing since it was before our devoted home crowd. The crowd looked young that day.. might have been the local school children looking shelter from the rain.. Anyways they weren´t pleased either.

One of the high points for the season has to Al Musawi´s hat trick against MPS from Malmi, Helsinki.

PePo game was weird 0-0 with us having absolutely nothing going on in the attacking half of the pitch. Maybe they just saved their effort for the next outing against Gnistan which was a 4-2 feast at home packed with action.

So all in all after surpassing the halfway mark of the season, our team is leading in 5 of the 10 statistical categories which most notably mentioned are Most goals 26, Most passes completed 80% and Best avg possession with 57,86%. Along with leading the league.

Player stats are more of an so and so field with Väisänen leading with number of assists with 5 and Musawi leading in AVG minutes Per goal with 102. Nothing much else to be said from there actually. I think it covers the story so far and I probably catch back with you at the end of season number one. I am playing with @MerryGuido speed settings so it is actually quite hard to blog about it in reasonable manner. Hopefully you don´t mind so much.

Within these sights and sounds, I leave you this time.



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