The Cunning Plan – Road to Veikkausliiga


The Club

Soccer Club KuopioFutis – 98 was found 1998 in Kuopio eastern Finland from the remnants of Airakselan Yritys. Club started it´s official journey from the 5th tier division and in the first season achieved promotion to 4th tier division, which has been the level it has spent most of it´s existence. In recent years club managed to gain promotion to 3rd tier division and currently resides on that level. As being a amateur club most part of the players have been local names from Kuopion Palloseura junior teams or from other small clubs in the area. However, during it´s history there has been some notable names from finnish football representing the club. Such names as Atik Ismail , Yrjö Happonen , Janne Savolainen and Atik´s son Pele Koljonen have played for the club. The most famous player ever to wear the KuFu jersey is none other than Freddy Adu who on 2015 season played 3 matches and scored twice for the blues. Check out one of them here.

KuFu has won the Finnish Region´s Cup twice 2012 and 2015 earning trips to play abroad.

KuFu is affiliated to KuPs junior organization and serves as a platform for youth players to gain experience from adult games.

KuFu´s home turf is Savon Sanomat Areena which is quite luxurious for 3rd tier team since it´s the home turf of the Veikkauliiga´s Kuopion Palloseura.

So within these settings they decided to roll a dice on finnish manager who quite scandalously left the Italy fame and came back to Kuopio to start a fresh.

The Vision


One of the surest things related to our vision is the total absence of money for the next few seasons. Everything in the club needs to be build from ground level up. With this I mean everything from staff to players to coaching and in some terms facilities. So with that out of the way let us observe the vision in general terms.

The main vision is to build a team that challenges Kuopion Palloseura as the #1 club in Kuopio eventually surpassing it in the future. That is the main goal for the whole project. Our visions contains some sub levels in order to achieve this goal.

  • Majority of players will be from the area until club is healthy enough to compete in the higher levels
  • Staying true to national characteristics. We play hardworking straight forward football with high levels of team effort
  • Team Work, Determination, Work Rate are the key values for our players. We are determined professionals.
  • No one is above the club
  • Kuopion Palloseura is treated as a rival
  • Club is committed to push it´s players and staff forward for higher standards. With the exception of current manager.

Reflecting these guidelines towards to current line-up it is fairly easy to say: ” I wont be bored “

Early tactical applications

In true lower league fashion my team is filled with players who can barely move around the pitch let alone play ball efficiently. Keeping this in mind my applications are few and far between. Luckily the current manager is tactically handicapped and has always relied on simple structures even on higher levels of play. So we are looking something rigid and structured in the beginning.

Sticking to what you know we are fielding 4-3-3 formation with very little TI´s having a structured shape. We throw in the mix a 4-4-1-1 for further development. For now we are fielding something like this with the middle CM position varying according to game plan.


This pic is taken from friendly match so the line-up is second tiers on defensive end.

TI´s are quite simple and sound for the starters.


While the start is very bare to bones style of play our reach will be towards more controlling style of play in the coming future when the level of skill has reached that point.

The Dirty Eleven

While there´s not too much to go about my players I´ll show you some of the values that dictate our style of play with this group of players.

For the core values we are looking quite nice for this level.

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However there´s some issues with the stamina and strength of the squad.

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Also we are technically somewhat challenged at the moment.


As you can see I have my work cut out for me and it is time to take the pitch to get something done, I´ll leave you now and check back on a later notice.

From snow up to my *****



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