In the footsteps of a legend: FK Vojvodina club assessment Part I : Infrastructure #FM16 #wearethecommunity


Now that we have got rid of the boring history stuff, it really is the time to dwell into the Vojvodina club assessment. For this task, I will be wielding my highly sophisticated evaluation method called LWYEIWYB. It has served me well in all my time within is this game and I highly recommend using it while looking at different aspects considering team evaluation and decision. The current version is 1.o and it has basically stayed the same having some minor updates put into along the way. But let us jump into the assessment process itself with FK Vojvodina.

I really want to go and have a look at the infrastructure first. See in what sort of facilities we got and what advantages we have at our disposal. Also, we need to look for the weak spots and development targets we might need to focus on.


We have a capacity of 14,458 with all seats and our stadium is one of the largest in Serbia. Karađorđe Stadium(good luck pronouncing that) was built 1924 and again 2008. The main thing here is that we own the stadium. So no gigantic rental fees spent there thank you! Corporate facilities are average and probably stay that way. Training facilities( FC Vujadin Boškov )are impressive which works with my plan very well. Developing players in the club. Youth facilities are great which should give us a fair amount of good regens with the established youth recruitment. Junior coaching is good and we will look into that once I find a way to conjure more finances for the club. In all the facilities and infrastructure are very good for a club of this size and this league and they give me solid ground to build on.

If we look at the affiliates for our club there´s couple of points we can pick up.


Borac Banja Luka is a Bosnian affiliate and has established youth recruitment. We have an annual friendly with them and we are able to send players there to play in premier league games. Players can be moved back and forth freely. Their facilities in terms of youth development are not so great so I won’t be sending any future gems their way.

CSK Pivara is under the trigger but I can´t cancel the link before August.

Proleter Novi Sad is costing us money. A 50k annual fee is a lot for a club having 400k wage budget. So this team is a bit of mind cracker for us. Even though they share our youth facilities their junior coaching is only adequate. The pro side here is that players that are sent there are in the same city the whole time. Not sure if that actually means anything. This team is under heavy thinking of keeping it or not.

Also, I made a board request to look for a club to expand out scouting and they eventually agreed to search for one. We will wait and see what they come up with.

I can devise tons of plans but I really can´t make anything happening without looking into the financial side of things first.


The financial summary sheet in itself does not tell us that much. Balance is a bit over 2m and we can see the initial budgets. The wage budget, in particular, needs  attention and there is one reason that is making my tits sore when looking at the whole picture. It is this guy here.


Marko Vukcevic is on loan from Olimpija Lublana and is enjoying 42.5k in annual wages. So I am paying more than 10% of my wages to one player who no matter how I look at him is not worth it by any means. Luckily just when I started feeling a burning sensation in the lower parts of my stomach I was able to click terminate loan option and send him back to OL for good. So money saved already. Freeing up some space under the roof will be saved for later as will the transfer budget which is around 400k. My plan is to make do this season and properly give the personnel change to show some brotherhood the club is known for.

One thing to look at always is the debts sheet and the schedule of payments rolling out.


The overall amount of debt is around 1.6m and we are starting payments straight away with a 33.33k monthly contribute giving us a yearly 400k contribution on debt payments. This essentially means that we will be free of debt in around 4 years time. Given that we manage to keep our finances on the + side of things. So there is really a motivating factor of doing well on the pitch and really develop the club cheaply cutting every possible cost down. I also project that I am on the selling side and I am looking to gain profits with some off-loads.

Ah, we got some sponsors.



Both of our sponsors are with us for one year and produce income around 600k nice amount of money coming in for absolutely nothing in return. Also doing good on the pitch will hopefully have an effect on this. Corporate facilities might also be in the mix for these figures but I can´t remember that as a fact.

So the infrastructure settings look really good for our stay at the helm here in Vojvodina. Next, we are going to go over the Club DNA, philosophy and see if we actually got players to go along with that.





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