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As I mentioned in my previous post seen here, this time we are going to look at my plans considering young players I had in Bremen and the young ones I brought in. My initial plan, for the most part, is to loan these players to ensure them some “Men´s” games. I shall reserve the tutoring for the youth players in my club.

I shall start off with the young players I brought in during the summer transfer window. On the second part, I will go over the players I already had in my team.

Uros Stamenic an 18-year-old Serbian RAMDEUTER/AMC/IFL came in from FK Vojvodina for 900k and was placed on the II team in 3. Fußball-Liga. The projection for him is to compete for the AMC/IFL spots in the coming years or serve as a valuable project.


Pascal Itter was brought in for 2.6m from SV Grödig to challenge the future spot of WBR. He was slotted to the II team in 3. Fußball-Liga.


I think many of you are familiar with the next one. Sandi Lovric a 17-year old Austrian. One of the most promising prospects of Austrian football was acquired with 2.5m from Sturm Graz. My plan with him is to loan him out preferably back to Austrian Bundesliga and let him develop there in familiar environment. I was not able to loan him straight back to Strum Graz so he might need to switch teams. The projection for Lovric is to be one of my leading midfielders in the future.


Kristoffer Olsson, a 19-year-old Swedish came in from FC Midtjylland as was loaned back to them to keep playing in the Danish league. Olsson was bought with 1.3m and the projection for Olsson is most likely serve as a valuable project.


Marcelo came in from Brazilian VIT for 675k. Already at 21, he is expected to either spend this season on loan at 2nd Bundesliga and learn the ropes or act as a back up to Juzunovic as a BBM and gradually take over in few years.


My final loan signing was straight up to the first team. Joaquín Correa was loaned from Sampdoria to make competition on the AMC spot and IFL position. The 20-year old Argentinian has also an Italian citizenship and will see a substantial amount of playing time this season.



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