Saving Bremen: Aller Anfang ist schwer – Auf Wiedersehen

In my last post, I was having an evaluation on my First team squad. There were personal that I deemed surplus and also personnel who would receive an opportunity to fight for the spot in my Werder team in the pre-season and games before the transfer deadline at the end of August. In this post, I will cover the players that were sent to other teams permanently. In other words players, I sold before or right at the transfer deadline.

First one to leave was Luca Caldirola. I sold him to Genoa CFC for 1.9m without any clauses. Straight up cash deal. I had already made the first offer for the replacing player and he didn´t show me anything on pre-season for me to even give him BL games at the start of the season. He has continued his poor form on the Genoa side after that.

The second one to go was Fin Bartels. He found a new home from France. After a couple of rounds negotiating, Lille OSC came up with 4.1m straight cash offer which I accepted. He has been doing ok in Lille side being included in their starting eleven. One might think that he could have been of use here also but I really wanted that spot to be filled with one of my young guns.

Third and the last player that left before the August transfer deadline was Philipp Bargfrede. Besiktas JK was kind enough to supply him a loving home with 3.8m up front and clauses after certain conditions that were: 20% of his next transfer, 750k after 32 appearances and a monthly 64.21 fee for the next five months. Philipp has done well in Turkey but he just lost the battle for DM position to Clemens Fritz and Thanos Petsos in clear terms. There was no need to keep him around.

In general, I did not have to sell at all which is a good thing but I really didn´t have any use for these players, made some extra revenue and cut down the wage bill. I also loaned quite of a lot of youngsters before the start of the season but that item is told in more detail in the post about my youth development plans.

Short and sweet I should say. I´ll catch you next time writing you about the players I brought in before the transfer deadline. That is going to be big.


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