Saving Bremen: Aller Anfang ist schwer – Heißer Stuhl

In my previous post on this series, I covered some bits of financial aspects  I like to look at when starting a new save. We did see that finances were quite solid for us to move on and try to make the team better and perhaps have some building blocks towards the future also. I shall cover that process in full detail in my future post but now it is time to talk about backroom staff.

Looking at my staff in the club I decided to go quite suicidal on my approach and got rid of almost all the first team staff including my Head Of Youth Development. This was not making people happy considering there were two quite esteemed legends of Die Werderaner in their ranks. Assistant Manager Torsten Frings and Coach  Dieter Eilts. Regardless of the legendary status, I didn´t see them as assistants I want to start rebuilding with. So off they went to seek out new jobs.

“You need to break some eggs….” and so forth. I mutually terminated each and every one’s contract but only before I had already contracted new personnel to replace them. As of my Assistant Manager,  I managed to sign Jan Wouters a Dutch legend and good tactical mind to have around with the team. As an all-rounder in coaching, he was a nice addition to my backroom staff.


As an HOYD I signed Chuti Molina a Spanish journeyman with some good youth development skills.


I like to have two GK coaches, each for the single area if I  can. And in Bremen, I could so that is where I went. I brought in as to be the handling coach Georg Heu. Austrian who had been just laid off from FC Admira Wacker Mödling.


Other GK coach was a decent signing from Poland.  Former Polish national team coach Jacek Kazimierski came in to do shot stopping training.


I added two fitness coaches to keep my players in shape. Luckily in both cases, I was able to find them in Germany which is a huge plus.  Werner Leuthard


And the victim of Pep´s medical purge Oliver Schmidtlein.


Both really good fitness coaches if someone is looking for one.

Helping me with the attacking coaching I brought in a former Ajax and Nigerian legend Finidi George.


To coach shooting, I brought in Ognjen Koroman former Serbian international and quite young as a coach.


I also needed someone to take care of defending and for that, I brought in a fellow Serbian Nenad Stamenkovic.


Some of the guys were straight away sent for intensive language course but I  did not send anyone on coaching courses yet. I need to see at least this season how we are doing and make some decision then.  My own coaching attributes are heavily put on tactical and technical areas as of my plan to be the one coaching tactics and ball control. I built my own profile according to team level and went on from there.


I also sacked some people from scouting and medical department and obviously brought in replacements for those spots. After being happy with this setup it is time to focus on the real task at hand. The players.


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