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At first, I like to point out that I am an insanely slow football manager player. All the stuff I write about in this blog is a production of a quite lengthy session of just looking at staff and player profiles, making notes and weighting on things. Case Bremen proved out to be a one I really needed to look into and do quite a lot of stuff to get us on the track I wanted us to be. The method itself was no different than what I usually do when I start managing a new club but in this case, there were a plethora of things I wanted to change so let us look a bit of my method.

I always start looking at the finances of the team. It so easy to mess up the finances if you don´t exactly know what you have and what you can do with it. Let´s have a look at Bremen financial sheet.


At first glance, the overview does not look too bad. Got some transfer budget on my disposal if I need to go looking for missing pieces. I always look how the dept sheet looks like.


So we contributing 368k a month to debt management and it is still going on for quite some time and needs to be kept in mind since we don´t want that to grow. So one thing that will be set as a goal here is making money with players I can get cheap, raise their value and then move on. Until the season is properly started I don´t have the clear view on Incomes and Expenditures so I will go back on that later on. The thing I want to have a look next is the wages.


If we look at the top there are 3 players that cost me almost 7 m in wages. Zlatko Junuzovic is the only one I am comfortable with the wage bill. Sort of. Pizarro and Friz are quite ancient and their value is ridiculously low comparing them to the wage bill. Friz is our captain and retiring after this season so I  won´t be touching that. Pizarro is a Bremen legend signed free from Bayern this very summer, so not touching that either since nobody is going to pick him up and I am surely losing the team if I start to sell him right from the start. Having said this, I got 4.3 m sitting on a retiring player and a player who I can use as a tutor/sub. Wunderbar!

Looking at the projection sheet it looks healthy at the start of the season before we have started molding the club.


One thing to always keep a lookout(at least a  European Stature club) is the FFP sheet.


Looking good at this point but the thing is that you need to keep a watch on this once you start moving people in and out as you want to keep this on the profit side at any cost.

So all in all, the financial side is in control, the club has healthy projection and we have a game plan set for our player policies.

Players, I sign this season are either:

  • Future Bremen players: reasonable priced young talents I groom through my youth system
  • Players I look to turn into profit: essentially the same guys as above because not all of them will make to the first team. Also looking for players I feel will see a value raise for just being at our club.
  • Cheap players that can fill a role in the current team to help it keep afloat until my young ones start entering the first team. For this, I don´t have any age limits set. (I got Pizarro on my team…)
  • Free transfer finds

I already know that I will most likely spend more of my budget than I can raise money for cover since I really don´t want to depart from my young players and I am not willing to venture on the slippery slope with high money rollers I mentioned above. As for others that I plan to move the turnover does not look so promising or moving them would be difficult for a number of reasons I go into detail on the future post about player movement. I will also go back to finances management on the same post as we go in detail of the players we brought in to the team.

But let us keep this short and simple so until next time

Auf Wiedersehen


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